Automatic Door Repair

We are at your service for automatic door repair in Ottawa, Ontario. While they usually feature at commercial facilities, office buildings, and other businesses, automatic doors have found their way into homes too. No matter the property, you can count on Ottawa Locksmiths if it comes to trouble.

Automatic door trouble varies. Besides, automatic doors vary too. The good thing about choosing our team lies in our experience with all automatic doors – sliding, revolving, swinging, bi-folding, and more. We are also experienced with all automatic systems. Like sensor-activated automatic doors. Also, button-activated models. And automatic doors activated with a proximity fob, cellphone, or access control card. Naturally, we have expertise in all types and brands of automatic operators. Such knowledge gives us the advantage of accurately serving customers no matter what service is needed. As long as you need automatic door service in Ottawa, you can rely on us.

In any property in Ottawa, automatic door repair in a heartbeat

Automatic Door Repair Ottawa

Irrespective of the nature of the problem, Ottawa automatic door repair pros quickly come out. Be sure. There’s never a delay whether this is a home interior door or the main entrance of a high-traffic commercial building. Depending on the automatic door, the problem may be related to the operator, sensors, fob, control panel, motor, or any other feature and component. There might even be a problem with the door. Of course, if we are talking about poor automatic door operation, we are actually talking about an opener issue.

Simply contact us. Automatic door opener problems are handled super-fast and only by well-equipped and certified pros.

Time for another automatic door service?

Of course, if the problem is not fixable, you can book the necessary replacements. We’d like to assure you of our expertise in all services for automatic doors, installation, maintenance, replacement, inspection, and repair. And so, if there’s a need to get a new automatic door, be sure of the expert way it’s installed. If it’s time to have an automatic door inspected routinely and maintained, be sure of the thorough way the service is carried out. To put it simply. Any service entrusted to our team is done with ultimate professionalism and full attention to the specific door’s and system’s specs.

There’s no need to wait. Why should you wait if you are struggling with malfunctions, damage, or failures? Contact us. If it’s now the time to make an inquiry about a service and schedule automatic door repair, Ottawa experts will swiftly be at your disposal.

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