While locksmiths offer dozens of different services to help you with your security, emergency services are often the most important. At any moment you may find that you’re stranded or helpless and in need of emergency support, and you need to know that there is a number you can call to get help right away at a cost that you can afford.
At Ottawa Locksmith, we want to provide you with that support. With a mobile team available throughout the Ottawa area, Ottawa Locksmith is ready to help in a moment’s notice.

Our Support Team

Throughout Ottawa, we have a 24 hour a day support team available all 365 days of the year. They’re primed and ready to come to your location whenever you’re in need of a locksmith, to provide nearly every locksmith service. These include:

Car or Home Lockout

Any time you find yourself locked out of your home or automobile it can be a stressful experience. You’re stuck outside, with your primary place of protection unavailable. You may be stranded somewhere unfamiliar or find yourself waiting out of your home late at night with no way to get inside. When you need someone to be there, we can arrive right away.

Broken Key Extraction

Sometimes it’s not a lack of keys that’s the problem. Sometimes a key breaks, and you have neither a replacement key, nor a way to get a key inside of a lock. If a key breaks off in the ignition, or in the lock to open your door, you need someone to come quickly, take it out, and provide you with a replacement key as quickly as possible.

Post Break-in Assistance

After you suffer from a break-in, the world can feel like a scary place. That’s why you need a company like Ottawa Locksmith – a company that knows not only how to fix locks, but also how to fix doors, install locks, and help you feel safe again.
These represent just a few of the emergency services we offer. If you’re in immediate need of a locksmith in Ottawa, give us a call today.

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