Key Cutting

Contact our company if you want new keys. We are experienced in key cutting in Ottawa, Ontario, and assure you of the excellent way the job is done. Whether you want a mailbox key or a front door key, replacing the old one with a new key takes only a phone call or message to our company. And whatever key you want cut, the locksmiths carry replacement products, all sorts of tools, and the equipment required to do the job thoroughly.

By assigning the job to Ottawa Locksmiths, you gain peace of mind knowing that the service is offered with no delay and is completed to a T.

Thorough key cutting in Ottawa

Key Cutting Ottawa

Cutting keys for door locks, mailbox locks, cabinets, and any other lock takes expertise. If you are in Ottawa, key cutting experts stand before you. As we said, it takes only a few minutes of your time to get in touch with us and book your service appointment. A local locksmith shows up on time and carries the equipment needed for the job – key cutting machines, blanks, new products, tools. They always travel fully equipped and thus, prepared to handle all situations. After all, there might be a need to get a new key for a lock you want rekeyed! Or, for a lock you want replaced.

Then again, you may need key duplicating. Your key may be broken and so, you may currently need to have the broken key extracted from the lock and replaced. Chances are high that one of your keys is stolen, distorted, or lost and consequently, you need a new key made.

When you need new keys made, tell us

It’s clear that the times you may need a locksmith to make new keys are several. Contact us now and every time you need a key – for whatever reason. We always serve quickly and serve even quicker when the key is stolen or broken, and when there’s another reason why a key of yours may cause some stress. Just tell us if it’s urgent to have a new key or if you just want to have an additional key, and let’s set an appointment.

When it comes to making car keys, you can be sure that the locksmiths also have the expertise and the equipment to program transponder keys. In any case, be sure that the key needed is made quickly and more importantly is cut to perfectly fit inside the lock. Since this is the point of trusting true pros for key cutting, Ottawa’s best await your message or call. Tell us what key you need.

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