Rekey Locks

What is the first thing that pops in your mind when your key is stolen? Most people would want to make a key replacement. Although this is a solution, it’s not the best one. When keys are lost, let us help you. At Ottawa Locksmiths, ON, you will find a team that can offer advice and fast response services every time you need assistance. We try to help the best way we know how and in the case of stolen keys, our technicians suggest lock rekey.Rekey Locks Ottawa

Our company recommends rekeying services to people moving to new properties. Whether you just moved to a new apartment or plan to move to a new house or office, let us rekey your locks.

Need to rekey locks in Ottawa? Let us assist you

We rekey locks in Ottawa, Ontario, as fast as we can. Our goal is to prevent security issues involving previous tenants or co-tenants. The key to your house door should belong only to you. When other people own a key set of your home or have stolen your key, making a replacement won’t solve the problem. In this case, you need key change service and that’s why you need us.

We rekey all home and office locks

With rekeying, what we actually do is change the pins of the mechanism so that the lock will only operate with a different key. This is what ensures your security. It’s also a necessary step in an office and when one of your employees is dismissed. We can rekey a master key system lock and make the necessary changes as soon as possible. Our team offers emergency assistance to all people in Ottawa and the surrounding areas and helps 24/7.

Emergency lock rekeying in Ottawa

If you need our help urgently, count on it. We rekey locks in Ottawa and provide the service with discretion. Our professionals can be trusted for their skills and excellent work. We assist on time and fast, and can also rekey car locks and ignitions. Let us rekey your home and office locks today. Why take risks when we rekey locks quickly and at affordable prices!

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