Transponder Key Programming

Turn to our team when you want quality transponder key programming in Ottawa, Ontario. Most cars produced in the last quarter of a century are equipped with transponder keys. This system was developed to reduce the growing auto theft concerns. Ottawa Locksmiths is devoted to ensuring your transponder keys are properly programmed. Don’t get depressed if you lose your transponder key or if it stops working. We’ll send a certified locksmith to create and program a replacement in no time. Let us send a key programming expert to provide the outstanding service you deserve.

What is an Ottawa transponder key programming service?

Transponder Key Programming Ottawa

What is transponder key programming service in Ottawa? Transponder keys contain a chip. The key is designed to communicate with the car’s computer. Each chip is programmed with an ID code. If the code does not match up with the car’s computer, the vehicle will not start. This system protects your vehicle from theft. The hot-wiring procedure utilized by car thieves is eliminated. The system consists of 4 basic parts:

  •          The electronic chip
  •          Antenna ring
  •          Car computer
  •          Immobilizer

When your transponder key is inserted, it sends a signal to the antenna ring. It is then transferred to the car computer. If the ID code is a match, the immobilizer will deactivate, and the car will start. Sometimes this fails to happen. Why? Because car key setup service is needed to reestablish communication.

Car key programming service you can trust

You need a car key programming service you can trust. We send a trained locksmith to provide this service. This lock and key expert have the right equipment, experience, and skills to program your transponder key quickly and accurately. There is more to it than having a car key made. Transponder keys are special. They need specialized service. You can count on the best in Ottawa locksmiths to do the job right the first time. Get the best service for your transponder key. You can trust our company to send the right locksmith for the job.

Modern key technology has enhanced the security of our vehicles. Transponder keys will get lost. They will get damaged. But there is no reason to worry. Exceptional transponder key service is a phone call away. Your key will be reprogrammed or replaced on the spot. Choose us for the Ottawa transponder key programming service.

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